Due Diligence and Planning

Gatlin Development Company, Inc. (“GDC”) specializes in Due Diligence and Planning for Commercial Real Estate. We draw upon our extensive in experience in the development, management, and renovation of commercial retail sites and other properties to help our clients expand efficiently and plan ahead for the future.

How It Works

Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence and Planning, simply speaking, is the practice of gathering all knowledge and information about a prospective Site Acquisition in order to minimize (if not eliminate) unpleasant surprises through a complete and thorough survey of the property.

In order to help you get the full picture, GDC evaluates the following aspects of prospective acquisitions:

  • Cadastral Due Diligence – We verify the regularity of the property through searches of land registries, surveys, building repositories, tax records, and other significant sources of documentation.
  • Administrative Due Diligence – We verify information with regards to property ownership, service contracts, plans and specifications, and other important documents, where applicable. We also examine relevant policies such as laws and regulations on tax laws, zoning and land use, infrastructure, and others, and evaluate how they can affect site acquisition and development.
  • Structural Due Diligence – We check the structural condition of the property and compare available documentation to actual physical reality on site, to ascertain any possible problems with engineering and structural integrity.
  • Due Diligence for Construction / Installations – We ensure that the property complies with current regulations for construction, electric usage, and mechanical installations.
  • Due Diligence for Security – As part of helping prepare for unforeseen scenarios, we check the property’s disaster preparedness. This includes the presence of fire prevention certificates, anti-seismic measures, and any existing insurance policies.
  • Due Diligence for the Environment – We examine the environment on and around the property for any pollution, dangerous materials, and other conditions that may pose health and safety hazards.

Practicing proper Due Diligence and Planning will help you close better deals. Having all the needed and relevant information on hand can prevent unpleasant post-transaction surprises, aid with correct property valuation, and speed up purchase time.

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