Site Acquisition / Disposition

Gatlin Development Company, Inc. (“GDC”) is an accomplished industry expert in Commercial Real Estate Site Acquisition / Disposition. Since 1984, our main focus has been site acquisition, development, and disposition for Walmart anchored shopping centers all over the United States.

How Site Acquisition / Disposition Works

Site Acquisition in commercial real estate is the process of purchasing or renting / leasing property for business use, a process which primarily includes the following:

  • Needs Assessment, where the company decides what kind of properties and investments it will need in order to best expand its operations. Certain factors are taken into consideration, such as the scale of the business, industry type, location, finances, and market demographics, among others.
  • Underwriting / Risk Assessment, where prospective acquisitions are analyzed to see if they are worth the risk of investing in. Prospects are primarily checked for potential engineering issues, planning and tenure issues, and financial analysis, alongside other considerations depending on the specific needs of the business.
  • Negotiation, where the buyer and seller discuss and agree upon the actual terms of purchase, executing the sale itself.

Site Disposition, on the other hand, is the process of selling or otherwise ‘disposing’ of a property. Excess and/or underperforming properties become money sinks, weighing down companies’ balance sheets and holding up resources that could otherwise be invested into more productive ventures.

To avoid unnecessary loss of resources, surplus / excess property must be disposed of as fast as is necessary. Site Disposition may be performed through a variety of means, such as direct sales, subleases, buyouts, downsizing, and terminations, allowing companies to reduce operating costs and focus on more efficient growth.

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