Multifamily: Grand Cypress Apartments

6322 Race Track Rd, St Johns, FL 32259 (Directions)

Center Information

Costar MultiFamily Development of the Year Jacksonville Florida

Accessibility to the neighborhood in general; and the subject in particular, is considered good. The property is situated in the southwest quadrant of US 1 and Race Track Road, south of State Road 9B. Regional access for the subject neighborhood is provided by Interstate 95. Alternative access to Interstate 95 is available from County Road 210. The State Road 9B extension was recently completed and provides access to the subject neighborhood from Interstate 295. Localized access in the area is provided by Race Track Road, Philips Highway (US 1) and Old St. Augustine Road. Overall, regional and local access to and throughout the neighborhood is considered to be good.

There appears to be adequate public school services in the vicinity of the subject property. The three closest public schools (by level) are as follows: Durbin Creek Elementary School (4.4 miles west); Fruit Cove Middle School (6.2 miles west); and Allan D. Nease High School (3.5 miles south).

Selected neighborhood demographics in 1-, 3- and 5-mile radius from the subject are shown in the following table.


  • Type: Land-MULTI-FAMILY
  • County: Saint Johns
  • Type: Land-MULTI-FAMILY
  • Acres: 36.94

Multifamily: Grand Cypress Apartments

  • Available
  • Coming Available

Multifamily: Grand Cypress Apartments


Radius Population Housholds Avg HH Income($) Med HH Income($) Median Age
1 mile 1509 626 81866 57402 34
3 mile 20800 8226 120120 92848 35
5 mile 56284 20259 123972 99825 36

Multifamily: Grand Cypress Apartments

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